Polynesian Voyaging Society Banknote

For this assignment during my studies at the University of Hawaii graphic design program, students were tasked to create a real-life bank note based upon a theme of their choosing. 

I chose to create a bank-note based on the Hawaii grown group known as the Polynesian Voyaging Society. The Polynesian Voyaging Society, established in 1973, is dedicated to preserving the ancient art and science of traditional Polynesian voyaging. Through experiential educational programs, the society fosters a sense of exploration and inspires students and communities to honor and protect themselves, one another, and the natural and cultural heritage around them.

PVS aims to spark a sense of environmental stewardship by showcasing the critical roles of oceans, indigenous wisdom, communities, education, and sustainability through its voyages.

No Koʻolaupoko, Oʻahu mai au.